5 In personal correspondence, Yvonne Rainer has objected to my analogy between Snow’s zoom shot and the Judson use of ordinary movement, like walking.  She points out that whereas the zoom might be a unique feature of motion picture images, walking is not a unique feature of dance.  We all walk even when we are not dancing. This disanalogy is well observed.  It leads me to think that when we speak of minimalist essentialism, we need to keep in mind that there are at least two types. One type seeks after  the basic features of an art form  which are unique to it. The other looks to fundamental features—building blocks, if you will, of the art form—whether or not they are unique to it. Snow’s essentialism with respect to the zoom shot is an example of uniqueness essentialism; the Judson use of walking is more a matter of building-block essentialism—it strips the choreography down to its most minimal or basic elements, but not in a way that marks it off as distinguishable from ordinary walking. It is a matter of getting down to essences, but not categorically distinct essences.