Jung’s primary discussion of active imagination occurs in “The Transcendental Function,” in The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche , 2nd ed., Collected Works 8 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1969). A dramatic account of Jung’s own exercise of this process occurs in the chapter titled “Confrontation with the Unconscious” in his Memories, Dreams, Reflections (New York: Vintage, 1965). See also Marie-Louise von Franz’s Alchemical Active Imagination (Dallas: Spring, 1979). The application of this notion to film criticism has just begun; see John Izod, “Active imagination and the analysis of film,” and David Hewison, “‘Loving the Alien?’ A response to John Izod’s ‘Active imagination and the analysis of film’,” in the Journal of Analytical Psychology , 45:2 (April 2000).