MFJ Issue No. 22 (Winter/Spring 1989-90)


  • Ryan, Paul, "Al Robbins Was a Warrior Artist," pp. 8-12.
  • Bathrick, David, "Mythologies from the Age of the Golden Heart: Bela Balazs on Film and Literature," pp. 16-27.
  • Hoolboom, Mike, "Michael Snow's Seated Figures," pp. 30-36.
  • Van Der Keuken, Johan, "Questions," pp. 40-49.
  • Van Der Keuken, Johan, "From the World of a Small Businessman: The Mystique of the Camera," pp. 50-53.
  • Singer, Ben, "Jeanne Dielman: Cinematic Interrogation and 'Amplification'," pp. 56-75.
  • Jull, Marilyn, "Bruce Elder's Lamentations," pp. 88-96.
  • Shedden, Jim, "Interview with Bruce Elder," pp. 98-115.

  • Forum on Radical Form: Radical Content
    • Organizers of the Second New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival, Opening Statement, "Radical Form: Radical Content, a Panel Discussion," pp.117.
    • Friedrich, Su, Contribution, "Radical Form: Radical Content," pp. 118-23.
    • Chomont, Tom, Contribution, "Radical Form: Radical Content," pp. 124-26.
    • Hammer, Barbara, "Risk-Taking as Alternative Living/Art-Making, or Why I Moved to the Big City," pp. 127-29.
    • Child, Abigail, "Before Agreement," pp. 130-32.
    • Hubbard, Jim, Contribution, "Radical Form: Radical Content," pp. 133-35.
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