MFJ Issue Nos. 20/21 (Fall/Winter 1988-89)

New Technology

  • Arthur, Paul, "History and Crass Consciousness: George Kuchar's Fantasies of Un-power," pp.151-58.
  • Binkley, Timothy, "Camera Fantasia: Computed Visions of Virtual Realities," pp. 6-43.
  • De Landa, Manuel, "Real Time," pp. 66-76.
  • De Landa, Manuel, "Urban Growths, Drawings and Software," pp. 58-65.
  • James, David, "inTerVention: The Contexts of Negation for Video and Video Criticism," pp. 46-54.
  • Tafler, David, "Beyond Narrative: Notes Toward a Theory of Interactive Cinema," pp. 116-31.
  • Taubin, Amy and Grahame Weinbren, "STANDBY: An Interview with Rick Feist, On-Line Video Editor," pp. 135-48.
  • Youngblood, Gene, "Metaphysical Structuralism: The Videotapes of Bill Viola,"pp. 80-114.
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