MFJ Issue No. 2 (Spring/Summer 1978)
International Avant Garde/Structural Film

  • Arthur, Paul, "Structural Film: Revisions, New Versions, and the Artifact," pp. 5-13.
  • Bartone, Richard, "Three Films by James Broughton and Joel Singer," pp. 114-16.
  • Bonet, Eugeni, "There is an Independent Cinema in Spain, But...," pp. 59-73.
  • Carroll, Noel, "The Cabinet of Dr. Kracauer," pp. 77-85.
  • Chin, Daryl, "The Future of an Illusion(ism): Notes on the New Japanese Avant-Garde Film," pp. 86-94.
  • Cook, Scott, "Peter Campus at the Whitney," pp. 119-22.
  • English, David, "Films by Paul Winkler," pp. 117-18.
  • Gidal, Peter, "Talk at Millennium," pp. 14-22.
  • Hein, Birgit, "The Avant Garde and Politics," pp. 23-28.
  • Iimura, Taka, "On Film-Installation," pp. 74-76.
  • Kelly, Keith, "Riddles of the Sphinx: One or Two Things About Her," pp. 95-100.
  • Le Grice, Malcolm and Peter Gidal, "Letters," pp. 50-55.
  • Liebman, Stuart, "Apparent Motion and Film Structure: Paul Sharits Shutter Interface," pp. 101-09.
  • McCall, Anthony and Andrew Tyndall, "Sixteen Working Statements," pp. 29-37.
  • Noguez, Dominique, "The Experimental Cinema in France," pp. 56-58.
  • Peterson, Vicki, "Two Films by Chick Strand," pp. 110-13.
  • Simon, Bill, "'Reading' Zorns Lemma," pp. 38-49.


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