MFJ Issue No. 19 (Fall/Winter 1987-88)


  • Carroll, Noel, "Hans Richter's Struggle for Film," pp. 104-12.
  • Fischer, Lucy, "The Films of James Sibley Watson, Jr., and Melville Webber: A Reconsideration," pp. 40-49.
  • Frazer, John, "Cubism and the Cinema of Georges Melies," pp. 94-102.
  • Hindle, Will, "Letter to Dominic Angerame," pp. 8-11.
  • Nadaner, Dan, "Metatourist in Metaworld: Patricia Gruben's Sifted Evidence," pp. 114-19.
  • Noguez, Dominique, "Towards Irreference: American Avant-Garde Film of the Sixties From the Triumph of the Signified to the Rise of the Signifier," pp. 22-37.
  • Pipolo, Tony, "Metaphorical Structures in La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc," pp. 52-84.
  • Ridless, Robin, "Beyond the Real and the Imaginary: Chris Kraus's How to Shoot a Crime and Other Films," pp. 130-42.
  • Stephenson, Rob, "Interview with Trinh T. Minh-ha," pp. 122-29.
  • Wees, William C., "Visual Perception, Medium Specificity, and the Metaphor of the Camera Eye," pp. 12-21.
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