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MFJ Issue No. 16/17/18 (Fall/Winter 1986-87)

Millennium Film Workshop: 20th Anniversary Issue

  • Arthur, Paul, "The Last of the Last Machine?: Avant-Garde Film Since 1966," pp. 69-93.
  • Brakhage, Stan, "Stan Brakhage at Millennium: November 4, 1977," pp. 297- 307.
  • Broderick, Peter, "Since Cinema Expanded: Interview with Gene Youngblood," pp. 55-66.
  • Bruno, Giuliana, "Women in Avant-Garde Film: An Interview with Annette Michelson," pp. 141-48.
  • Camper, Fred, "The End of Avant-Garde Film," pp. 99-124.
  • Carroll, Noel, "A Brief Comment on Frampton's Notion of Metahistory," pp. 200-05.
  • Cartwright, Lisa and Peter Gidal, "Rose Lowder's Composed Recurrence," pp. 176-79.
  • Doane, Mary Ann, "The Retreat of Signs and the Failure of Words: Leslie Thornton's Adynata," pp. 151-57.
  • Frampton, Hollis, "A Letter to Brakhage," pp. 212-13.
  • Frampton, Hollis, "Three Talks at Millennium," ed. Tony Pipolo, pp. 274-94.
  • Gunning, Tom, "Signaling through the Flames: Ernie Gehr's Signal-Germany on the Air," pp. 169-73.
  • Hanlon, Lindley and Tony Pipolo, "Interview with Ken and Flo Jacobs," pp. 26-53.
  • Jenkins, Bruce, "Gently Down the Stream," pp. 195-98.
  • Kiernan, Joanna, "Films by Valie Export," pp. 181-87.
  • Le Grice, Malcolm and P. Adams Sitney, "Narrative Illusion vs. Structural Realism," talk ed. by Noel Carroll, pp. 309-26.
  • Liebman, Stuart, "Paul Sharits S:TREAM:S:S:ECTION:S:ECTION:S:S:ECTIONED: Paradigm Lost, or Adventures of the Dialectic," pp. 190-94.
  • Lovelace, Carey, "The Gender and Case of Carolee Schneemann," pp. 162-68.
  • MacDonald, Scott, "The Millennium After Twenty Years: An Interview with Howard Guttenplan," pp. 9-24.
  • Pipolo, Tony and Grahame Weinbren, eds., "A Montage of Voices: Twenty Years of Filmmakers' Statements," pp. 250-73.
  • Pipolo, Tony and Lindley Hanlon, "Interview with Ken and Flo Jacobs," pp. 26-53.
  • Rodowick, David, "Modernism, Epistemology, and Politics," pp. 126-37.
  • Sitney, P. Adams, "Saugus Series," pp. 158-61.
  • Taubin, Amy, "Not Reconciled," pp. 95-97.
  • Weinbren, Grahame, "Film Space: An Outline Study," pp. 328-35.
  • Wollen, Peter, "Landscape, Meteorology, and Chris Welsby," pp. 208-11.


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