MFJ Issue Nos. 14/15 (Fall/Winter 1984-85)

Book Reviews/Theory

  • Belton, John, "Medieval Modernism: Bunuel's Autobiography," pp. 29-34.
  • Biro, Yvette, "In the Spiral of Time," pp. 173-77.
  • Brooks, Virginia, "Film, Perception, and Cognitive Psychology," pp. 105-26.
  • Buchsbaum, Jonathan, "Peter Wollen: In Search of Political Film," pp. 61-71.
  • Camper, Fred, "Film: The Front Line," pp. 48-56.
  • Carroll, Noel, "Medium Specificity Arguments and Self-Consciously Invented Arts: Film, Video, and Photography," pp. 127-53.
  • Casebier, Allan, "To the Distant Observer," pp. 35-41.
  • Friedman, Bernard, "The EFC Arrives: A National Coalition of Experimental Filmmakers," pp. 178-80.
  • Horn, Lawrence, "On Video and Its Viewer," pp. 155-64.
  • Jarvie, Ian, "Visible Fictions," pp. 57-60.
  • Keller, Marjorie, "Women and Film," pp. 43-47.
  • Margolis, Joseph, "Film as a Fine Art," pp. 89-104.
  • Sharrett, Christopher, "Brakhage's Scrapbook," pp. 23-27.
  • Sitney, P. Adams, "Circles of Confusion," pp. 7-13.
  • Sparshott, Francis, "Medium and Convention in Film and Video," pp. 72-88.
  • Thompson, Kristin, "Eisenstein, Marshall, and Soviet Cinema," pp. 15-21.
  • Walworth, Dan, "A Partial Report from the 34th International Berlin Film Festival," pp. 165-72.
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