MFJ Issue No. 13 (Fall/Winter 1983-84)

International Reports

  • Banes, Sally, "Imagination and Play: The Films of Ericka Beckman," pp. 98-112.
  • Bordwell, David, "Narration and Scenography in the Later Eisenstein," pp. 62-80.
  • Brender, Richard, "The Quiet One: Lyric Poetry of the FairDeal," pp. 81-97.
  • Bruno, Guiliana, "From Public Virtue to Private Vice: Notes on Italian Independent Cinema," pp. 36-45.
  • Carroll, Noel, "Art, Film, and Ideology," pp. 120-32.
  • Casebier, Allan, "Ideology and the Image," pp. 116-19.
  • Copjec, Joan, "Crystal Gazing: Seeing Red," pp. 31-35.
  • Gidal, Peter, "British Avant-Garde Film," pp. 12-18.
  • Le Grice, Malcolm, "Some Introductory Thoughts on Gidal's Films and Theories,"pp. 19-30.
  • Rheuban, Joyce, "Secret Life: New Films by Hamburg Filmmakers," pp. 46-61.
  • Simon, Larry, "Music and Film: An Interview with Philip Glass," pp. 133-39.
  • Sondheim, Alan, "Theses on the Inversion of the Cinema," pp. 7-11.
  • Taubin, Amy, "The Whitney Biennial: Video," pp. 113-15.
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