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MFJ Issue Nos. 10/11 (Fall/Winter 1981-82)


    • Aloff, Mindy, "Film Translations of Meredith Monk's Work," pp. 102-06.
    • Armelagos, Adina, "Yoshiko Chuma: Knocking, Chomping, and Bumping," pp. 28-32.
    • Banes, Sally, "Theatre of Operations: Stuart Sherman's Fifteen Films," pp. 87-101.
    • Buchsbaum, Jonathan, "Sleepless Nights," pp. 168-70.
    • Carroll, Noel, "Causation, the Ampliation of Movement, and Avant-Garde Film," pp. 61-82.
    • Chong, Ping, "Performance and Film: A Statement," pp. 83-86.
    • Davidson, David, "Myths and Texts: Joanna Kiernan's Dream Work," pp. 204-09.
    • Elder, Kathryn, "Report from Toronto," pp.176-80.
    • Epstein, Jean, "Cine-Mystique," trans. Stuart Liebman, pp. 191-93.
    • Estevez, S. Ann, "George Landow's Marriage Broker Jokes," pp. 200-03.
    • Fischer, Lucy, "Rabbit's Moon: The Pierrot Figure in Theater, Painting, and Film," pp. 123-39.
    • Gunning, Tom, "Doctor Jacobs' Dream Work," pp. 210-18.
    • Hanlon, Lindley, "LeWitt/Childs/Glass: Film/Dance/Music," pp. 43-54.
    • Jowett, Deborah, "Dune Dance," pp. 23-27.
    • Kaplan, E. Ann, "Night at the Opera: Investigating the Heroine in Sally Potter's Thriller," pp. 115-22.
    • Kronen, H. B., "From Cimabue to Cunningham: A Discussion with Richard Lorber," pp. 5-17.
    • Levine, Mindy N., "An Interview with Pooh Kaye," pp. 33-42.
    • Levine, Richard M., "Jack Chambers' Hart of London," pp. 181-85
    • Liebman, Stuart, "Introduction to Jean Epstein's 'Cine-Mystique,'" pp. 186-90.
    • Macdonald, Scott, "Plumb Line," pp.111-14.
    • Marchetti, Gina and Keith Tishken, "An Interview with Scott B. and Beth B.," pp. 158-67.
    • Norden, Martin F., "The Use of Sound in Francis Thompson's N.Y.,N.Y.," pp. 219-22.
    • Sharrett, Christopher, "Epiphany for Modernism: Anti-Illusionism and Theatrical Tradition in Syberberg's Our Hitler," pp. 141-57.
    • Simon, Larry, "Music and Film: An Interview with Michael Nyman," pp. 223-34.
    • Sommer, Sally R., "Robert Wilson's Video 50," pp. 107-10.
    • Stam, Robert, "Jean-Luc Godard's Sauve Qui Peut (la Vie)," pp. 194-99.
    • Sturken, Marita, "Interview with Robyn Brentano and Andrew Horn," pp. 55-60.
    • Vaughan, David, "Locale: The Collaboration of Merce Cunningham and Charles Atlas," pp. 18-22.
    • Vieira, Joao Luiz, "Tropical Disease: Towards Development of an Alternative Cinema in Venezuela," pp. 171-75.

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